Wanna Learn Indonesia

As I previously mentioned, I open this opportunity to the ones who want to know more about Indonesia. My country is a big country, hundred unique cultures, food and even hospitality are really interesting thing to know. You can start by its language.

One thing that you should know I only help you with the language, I can't accommodate all your daily needs such as foods and place to stay. I believe it won't be a problem for you since everything is cheap enough for those who live abroad.

You can try to eat a plate of fried rice just for 50 cents, stay in cozy inn just for $ 6 - 7 for a night, it's amazing, isn't it ? I can guarantee you will be satisfied and pleased here. While learning Indonesia language, you can also explore the beauty of my town, Mojokerto.

It is a city of temple, there are a hundred fascinating temples can be visited and it will be my pleasure to explain all the temples and its history. Learning Indonesia is really fun with kind of method like that.

I can also introduce you to all my cute students so that you can practice to speak Indonesia with them, I believe they will be glad to help you. I am sure just in a month or even less you will be able to speak well.

Indonesia Is My Country

My name is Andi Firmansyah, one of the million persons who live in Beautiful country Indonesia. I have been living here since I was born. I live in Mojokerto, city of temple (Mojokerto is 50 miles away from East Java capital, Surabaya).

I don't have any intention to move to other countries, even many people from other countries think that Indonesia is a chaos, terrorist country and many inappropriate labels were given by them.

But the truth is not like that...
Let me ask you something, is there any country out there free of chaos??..I doubt that. It is just the same here. Media both internet and printed ones often blow up a minor chaos event and give much influence to many foreign people's point of view.

There are many foreigners have proved that Indonesia is really beautiful country. You can see many cultures involved in each part of Indonesia region. Start from traditional dances, songs, ceremonies for funerals can be enjoyed as well.

I will not explain more about those, you can check many websites in internet which explain or describe about them. One thing that I need to mention here is about free opportunity to stay in Indonesia to learn more about its language, cultures and many others.